Rohit Land Development teams with Football Team to Clean Community

On June 7th, 2014, Rohit Land Development partnered with the Northstars Bantam Football Club to tackle garbage in the Northwest Edmonton community of Starling at Big Lake. The goal was to work together and preserve the pristine natural areas of the community that includes horseshoe creek as well as a  natural and a constructed wetland.

The hard working team of over 20 players and 20 parents bravely walked through the neighbourhood and did not leave any garbage behind, leaving the beautiful natural areas of Starling looking its best. Rohit Land Development provided a donation to the Northstars Bantam Football Club in return for their support and hard work in cleaning the community.

This is the first community clean up that Rohit Land Development has organized for Starling at Big lake; “it is important that we are a part of making the community a better place,” shared Luciano Salvador, Project Manager for Starling at Big Lake.

To see photos from the clean up, Click Here.

About Starling at Big Lake

Starling at Big Lake is a neighbourhood in Northwest Edmonton that features single family and duplex homes. It is a unique community that focuses on creating a sustainable future through Low Impact Developments (LID). LID emphasizes conservation and the use of on-site natural features like bioswales, rain gardens and wetlands to protect water quality.

  • Constructed Wetlands are shallow ponds designed to improve water quality by minimizing pollution from runoff.
  • Existing Wetlands are considered a significant wildlife habitat for water birds and amphibians.
  • Bioswales are open drainage channels with dense vegetation designed to collect and move surface runoff.

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