Starling at Big Lake Receives an Award at the CHBA Edmonton Region Awards of Excellence!

March 16, 2013—Rohit Land Development made its mark among Edmonton land developers when it received the prestigious Best Showhome Parade award for its Starling at Big Lake development at this year’s Canadian Home Builders Association Edmonton Region Awards of Excellence in Housing. The event honored the best and brightest in the industry and was an opportunity for industry partners to come together and celebrate each other’s successes. And, a success it was for Rohit Land Development! Starling at Big Lake bested the competition from some of the most well-known developers in Edmonton to secure Best Showhome Parade. Among them, Alldritt Land Corporation was nominated for its development Granville, Hopewell Residential Communities for its Secord development and its Secord Garage Showhome Parade, and finally, Walton Development for its McConachie development. “To be recognized with our peers as a relatively new company to land development is a real honor for us,” said Russell Dauk, Vice President of Rohit Land Development. “Other companies have been leaders for years in creating great Edmonton Neighborhoods and we are pleased to have our Starling at Big Lake community recognized as one of the best among them. About Rohit Land Development Rohit Land Development is committed to creating sustainable communities. From the selection and planning of land, the inclusion of vast green spaces, and aesthetically pleasing architectural guidelines, developments reflect the highest standards without compromise. The goal is to develop multi-generational neighborhoods, offering a variety of home styles to suit any lifestyle. A major component to the success of Rohit neighborhoods is the selection of industry leading builders. Rohit Land Development works to create niche opportunities within our communities for our builder partners, allowing them to showcase their best products For more information contact: Amy Power Rohit Group of Companies 550 – 91 Street SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0V1 Tel: (780) 702.4288