Storm Pond Maintenance

Dear Starling Residents:

As part of the continued Starling Neighbourhood development, the storm pond adjacent to Hummingbird Way on the west side of Horseshoe Creek is required to undergo construction maintenance. Monitoring of the water level in the pond has confirmed that it is not holding water at an appropriate level.

Water in the pond is required to be pumped down while the existing clay-lined base material for the south section of the pond will be excavated and replaced. This procedure is being completed to maintain the appropriate water level required for the ecosystems and the storm water drainage program to continue and improve operation
functionality at an optimal capacity.

MIDA Contracting Ltd. has been hired by Rohit Group of Companies to complete the pond pumping, install and maintain the appropriate Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) tools and practices, and to monitor the ESC and report to the City of Edmonton on on their behalf.

Weinrich Contracting Ltd. has been hired by Rohit to complete the topsoil removal, the clay liner excavation and replacement, and the topsoil backfill.

The companies will be conducting this work in the pond between April 09 and May 14, 2021.

The pond will be scheduled for re-landscaping at a future date once the pond maintenance is satisfactorily completed.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding anything stated in this letter or the attached plan, please do not hesitate to contact Jim Killoh with Rohit Land Development, at or alternatively Brad Clarke with WSP Canada Inc, at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.